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Services – Meembit Innovations & Research Pvt Ltd.

When it comes to automation sky is the limit. Nowadays we are sliding through those times in which nearly everything is possible. It just matters how you approach an idea and how effectively you implement it considering the stability, cost effectiveness and other factors. In most cases we might not need an anti-gravity pen and instead a pencil will do the job. Let us know your requirement and we are the best people to say whether we can undertake it or not.

We, here in Meembit has combined the two major sides in product designing which are software and hardware and thus is confident enough to handle almost all sought of automation requirements. You can discuss the idea which you are having in your mind no matter even if it is in its pupa stage. We have networked with other major companies veterans in their fields to get connected if in case your requirement needs that. So that you get all under one roof.

Embedded system design

Embedded systems to put it simple are electronic systems which can in itself do various tasks or can be integrated to larger hardware parts to make it more efficient in functionality. In other words it’s your systems electronic brain.

Following are the services we offer;

  • Circuit design and testing
  • PCB prototyping
  • Firmware development

Web applications

We are in times where we are looking for to control everything around us via the small piece of art in our pockets, the smart phones. We do undertake design and development of both Web based and Mobile applications.