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Meembit Innovations & Research Pvt Ltd. – A bit different
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When you succeed in managing your time, you succeed ;

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We’re a company focused on developing innovative technology gadgets.

Meembit started its activities as a firm in 2012 from a wonderful city in South India, Kochi. Got incorporated into a private limited company in 2018. During this wonderful journey we designed and developed several innovative products. We had opportunities to work closely with schools and educational institutions belonging to different statures which further pushed us to focus our lenses much onto this particular segment and in short time we found ourselves having a firm grip in this industry.

Today we are a company pioneered in providing various automation solutions for schools, said so we do deal with other innovative products too. Kindly check our products section to know more.

If you find time, do send us your suggestions. We do love to hear from you.

Innovative approach

Business structuring

Customer satisfaction

Compromise on Quality

Work passion

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children”


Meembit is focused

We have taken the path of enabling the field of education with technology. Why we are into the field of Edu-Tech ?

For a better tomorrow

Students are the shapers of tomorrows world. Identifying their talents and instilling in them necessary skill sets ensures a better tomorrow.

Social responsibilty

Their safety in todays world is quite a serious matter of concern. Wouldn’t that be great if we can be of any help in making them more secure ?

Kids are amazing

And yes, kids are amazing. We enjoy our work while with them and who doesn’t love that ? They simply are mere reflections of innocence and purity.

Being met with our prior targets, following are our upcoming targets.



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App downloads

Promising piece of technology
Built with trust and passion

We are presenting in front of you the only and one of its kind, a device which has been designed after knowing what our system of education really needs. This is a device which every school in  globe demands. Surprisingly enough we have made it affordable too, even for schools running in low budgets. The basic features are ABSOLUTELY FREE as long as you wish. No hidden charges. Introducing TOLLER.

Public address system automation

Replace your conventional humdinger and electric bells. Play bell tones, voice narrations etc. Your creativity is the limit. Automate your Prayers, National anthem, Assemblies and lot more. Truly upgrades your school.

Child abuse prevention

Take effective measures to prevent rapidly escalating child abuse. We are responsible.

School diary

Establish an effective parent-teacher communication system in your school. Better control better results.

Multifarious Data Acquisition

Collect relevant data from school. Generate periodical reports at a click of your mouse.

Remote message broadcast

Those in authority can deliver their messages to schools selectively or as a whole. Now, the head of school can pass an announcement even when he is not at his desk. Think bigger. Educational ministry of state need to convey a message, now they can.

Live attendance monitoring

How would a parent feel when they can ensure that their kid is at class in realtime ?

Effective School Radio

Run powerful school radio system. Enlighten your students with what cannot be delivered with your school's staff.

If you are the one representing your school then all you have to do is go to the below button and register your school. It’s FREE.

Who all are benefited from TOLLER ?






We do have a retail store where you can find other interesting products for schools, students, teachers, and other educational establishments

A Huge Thank You to Our Customers
For Their Support & Appreciation

I definitely recommend this product to other schools so that they can give value to time” ( video excerpt ) 


Babykutty P R
Principal, Dawn Public School,

before, time management was bit of headache. Now, no more missed bells
( video excerpt ) 


Rasmi M R,
Principal, SMD public school,

I would definitely recommend this product to any of the institutions.
( video excerpt ) 


Sonia Elizabeth Jimmy,
Principal, Ebenezer international residential school,

We feel that their services are
Very Good

( video excerpt ) 


Lizy Sabu,
Principal, Ideal public school,

Some of our customers

Once again we thank these and all other our dear customers who have trusted us when we started with the base model few years back. It’s a pleasure for us that every day your heartbeats of your school has been decided by our device.

Contact Information

ADDRESS: 10/2178-A2(1B), The Legend, Karuvelipady, Thopumpady PO, Kochi – 682005, Kerala, India.
PHONE: (+91)-9544002421
EMAIL: info@meembit.com


Let’s make it happen!